Thank goodness I gave myself a couple days to acclimate to Scotland time and do a bit of tromping about the hills before joining Gordon for a navigation blitz.  There were a few just off the plane as of last night who were a bit blurry eyed.  The good news is that I finally got a handle on long crossings with multiple course vectors and working with those tide and current tables and a plethora of nav aid books.  Even though the UK uses different books, we’re still looking for the same information.  It was an interesting day of heavy winds, rain squalls, bursts of blazing rays of sun highlighting the Skye hills and a few vibrant rainbows.  It was a great day of accomplishment, new paddle friends and another day thwarting the onset of dementia.  Tomorrow will be a new day on the water; followed hopefully by a stint in the pub, thwarting dementia.