Although a windy week, a bit of an understatement, as it’s been blowing Force 8 with gusts of 9, today calmed down to F7-all out of the north but coming around to the west with a bit of quieting after noon-we still managed to get out, paddle hard, with our eyes closed nonetheless.  Anyone having ever taken a course with G. Brown will understand.  Paddling exotic sounding places such as Tarskavaig and Kyle Rhea, playing in the rocks and surfing standing waves, respectively, has all been a blast and coming to an end too soon for me.  Still two days left of paddling and then an all day hike planned before returning home to family and pets.  Exhausted and fresh blisters that get worse each day (might be that death grip I have on my paddle), but the cool soothing salt water and numbing temperatures keeps me alert for that next instruction that will hopefully keep me upright.

I wanted to include some amazing footage, or at least a photo or two of our days action and play, but that death grip has kept me from retrieving my camera from my PFD.  So instead I have included some pre-launching entertainment as we were waiting for the current to build (a north going current with an opposing wind). Normally he helps pull in the deck line but the ferry was a bit behind in schedule.  He is a true working dog with a job! Ferry dog at Kyle Rhea