Double Skye Rainbow

The countryside is just breath taking here in Skye.  And the weather, well, we’ve had just about everything, but nothing can dampen (I don’t loosely choose my words here) ones spirit when paddling some place as beautiful as Skye.  Friendly folks too, as I entered the pub tonight, one of the locals calls over “How are you doin’ tonight Laura, good days paddle?”  I could easily live someplace as friendly as this.

Beach briefing

A quick chat about where we’re off too.

Ominous skies and a bit of wind

And we’re off.

Just warming up before we head out into the big stuff

Getting to like this Avocet lv.

Enjoying the paddle back.

End of day

Just a quick nap and off we go.

Photo credit goes to Jacob Wacander from Sweden for these photos.  Thank you Jacob and may we cross watery  paths again.