Paddled from Rye Harbour to Salibury Beach and back today. A distance of about 21nm. A good combination of conditions. Winds shifted around to the S for the paddle home. 15kts with higher gusts added to a fair tide made for a fun ride back. The S’ly seas added to the E’ly swell required paying attention. I find that I can paddle into some really nasty stuff and feel pretty relaxed. Turn that around to a following sea; even a moderate one, and it never seems relaxed; you have to be “on” the entire time.

Landing through the 2 ~ 3″ surf at Salisbury was good practice; I’m getting pretty quick at the exit on the beach. Launching was more good practice.   It’s certainly harder with the short periods seen around here. Paddled back with a fair amount of water in the cockpit which was yet more good training.

The Nordkapp LV is very well behaved in the surf.  It takes off well on a wave and is quite predictable.  Breaking out through the surf is also very reassuring in that the bow slices through the wave face easily and does not tend to slam down on the backside.   I am really liking this boat.  At 6′-3″ and 190lbs, I am not really what the designers had in mind but its working very well for me thus far.  I have yet to get into the full sized Nordkapp which is the boat I will be using for the trip.  I am hoping that it will feel very familiar based upon my time in the LV but that remains to be seen.

Only about 7 weeks left before the challenge begins.