An update to Jon’s beginning trip around Vancouver Island, from Laura.

To start with, Jon headed out west via Jet Blue with the remnants of a head cold that developed into a bit more with his descent into Seattle.  After being picked up by my sister, a few hours respite and driven to Anacortes to catch a ferry to Orcas Island, Jon spent the following day outfitting his new Nordkapp.  He had the opportunity before leaving to spend some time with a borrowed (but older version) Nordkapp, figuring out how to foam out and pack, but as it turned out, the new Nordkapp’s seat and cockpit  is put together a bit differently.  For those that know Jon, he is an industrious guy and when it comes to figuring anything out he gets it the way he wants it.

Jon set out for South Pender Island, BC on the 19th of June, where he is required  to clear customs.  He landed late in the day due to a bit of a late start (still trying to rid himself of his sinus infection), making camp for the night in order to clear customs in the early am.  This turned out to be a bank of four phones placed at the dockside.  After being asked the name of his vessel he stated he was in a kayak, after a somewhat longer than usual pause the customs official put him on hold, then came back stating “OK, you are noted as vessel Kayak Kilroy”.  Jon’s journey is now under way.

Jon sends out regular Spot signals that I receive via my cell phone and as email’s.  This is of course a huge peace of mind on my part although I don’t doubt his competence.  Jon is doing this trip solo.  Although I wish I had the competence and stamina to be doing this with him, and I’m envious as all hell, yeah, it’s a little scary for me to have him out there all alone.  Hence, the regular updates keep us connected and his progress updated.

A brief update from Jon stated that his fully loaded boat, with a fairly vigorous following S’E wind was causing the boat to wallow and weathercock a bit more than he would like.  He is looking to lighten up (hence ditch some gear/food) when he arrives in Comox.  Jon has a contact there that is following his progress and willing to lend a hand.  Doug has previously made this same circumnavigation and so has insights and info that of course will be beneficial.  I am sure a friendly face with information and commmensuration, and a good cup of coffee will help sort things out.  Jon sounded tired, but in good spirits as he spent his second night on Galiano Island.

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